Text / Email

The features

A simplified communication with players. The possibility to convene and send message all or just a part of the group.

The Email tab of My Coach Football eases your life. On the smartphone application, this feature is called TEXT and allows you to spread messages and grouped convocations.


Do not forget to enter your players’ contact information (email address and phone number).

Communicate with your players

You want to spread a message to your players directly from your My Coach Football account? It is possible! Thanks to its effective module, the platform allows de communicate instantly with all of a part of your team. Convene your players for games and training sessions, share the upcoming training session content and convene them to club events. It is also possible to attach a file to your message.

Retrieve your message history

In this tab, you can also find the detail of messages transmitted to the group. You can hence make a summary of your communications and call to order the players who would pretend they never received a message from you…

From the mobile application

Communicate with your players is also very simple through your mobile application. The message spread is made via text. No purchase needed: the application takes into account your phone plan and does not involve any additional cost. When you use the mobile application to communicate with your players, they receive a text coming from your phone number.