The features

The individual and collective performances portrayed in figures and graphs. A thorough analysis thanks to numerous filters.

Statistics are essential data for the progression of a team. My Coach Football gathers all these data in one unique tab, for a clear and fast insight of your performances.


More indicators you have, more statistics you get! To collect a maximum amount of data, you must provide the most information possible during your games and trainings.

Consult individual and collective statistics

The Statistics feature of your My Coach Football digital assistant first and foremost offers you a synthetical dashboard of your group’s statistics. You will find at first glance the goal scorer, assist and players’ leaderboards, the least being computed through the grade that you will attribute to each of them. On the same page, colored pie charts set out the number of games played, goals scored and conceded, but also players’ presence at training.

All these statistics can be filtered according to the different competitions. They can also be saved as PDF, which can be an interesting medium when you wish to make an evaluation with your players.

Proceed to a deeper analysis

For more precise data, you can refine your search and choose to consult statistics specific to goals, results, games, or trainings. Again, you will have the opportunity to filter and get more into depth, by analysing players’ chemistries, periods and game systems, but also characteristics of goals scored or conceded (minutes, field zones, body parts, …).

All these analysis can be exported as PDF and printed, which could be very useful during evaluations with players.

From the mobile application

Take a look at your team and each player’s statistics in real time and wherever you are thanks to the mobile application.