The features

The management of your games from A to Z: creation of a game, line up, convocation, sideline information input, game sheet… An overview of your calendar and results.

With the Games feature of your digital assistant, keep track for all your competitions.


Use the mobile application to enter the game facts from the sidelines. The information entered feeds the team statistics.

Create your games and convene your players

With My Coach Football, you can planify your games for the entire season et prepare each game to a full extent.

When you create a game, enter the practical information such as the opponent, the date , the time and the location. A satellite plan, directly integrated to the tab, will allow you to find the stadium’s location if you play away.

Once this information is entered, time to focus on the pitch. Select your lineup and convene the players you have picked. From the web platform, an automated email of convocation will be sent to the players chosen for the game. From the mobile application, a pre-written text message that will be sent to the people involved.

The plus? The players’ answers will be synchronised on your account. You will have a precise idea of the persons who responded “Present” to the call-up.

With the kick-off approaching, do not hesitate to print the game sheets and your lineup to benefit from all the necessary information.

Manage the game in real time

Thanks to the mobile application, do not lose any information. As soon as the game starts, you can enter all the game facts: goals, opportunities, assists, free kicks and corners, cards, saves...

This feature allows you to gain a significant amount of time and allows you to retrieve all the information from the game. When the game is over, you get a recap of all the game facts, with their context and timing.

Analyse all your games

If you did not use the mobile application during the game, it is possible to enter the game facts after the games. You can edit your game summary at all times, adjust your players’ play time and give an overall grade to the game. You can also grade the individual performance of each of your players. This summary can be saved as PDF, printed and shared by email or on your social media accounts!

By completing your summary with information such as the weather, the name of the referee or your opponent’s specificities, you build a history that could be very useful to apprehend the upcoming games.

The grades given to your players are kept during the entire season. The average of those grades can be found on the player’s profile in the “Team” tab.

With the detailed history of your games, it is much easier for you to analyse your team’s performances. You can click on factual data to determine the sectors you need to work on in priority and direct the messages you want to deliver to your players.

From the mobile application

Really practical when you are not home, the mobile application offers you the opportunity to manage and organise the games very easily. With the app, you will keep your calendar on hand and you will be able to take a look at the previous and upcoming games’ information at any time. The plus? A unique feature that escorts you on the sidelines, with which you can enter all the game facts in real time.