The features

An overview of your schedule, with the possibility to planify team’s sporting and non-sporting events.

The My Coach Football calendar gathers all the upcoming deadlines regarding your team.


Organize the team’s life from the Calendar. You can instantly inform the players of the upcoming events by sending a group invite.

Consult your entire schedule

On the Calendar, find all your deadlines, passed and to come. A color code differentiates trainings (green), games (orange) and other events (blue). You choose between a monthly, weekly and daily overview.

Create event and convene your players

From this feature, you can add an event, a game or a training in a simple fashion. It is also possible to send an automated email to call-up your players and thus communicate all the the necessary details to them (subject, location, date,etc).

From the mobile application

All the events created on your My Coach Football platform’s Calendar are automatically synchronized on the mobile application. You can thus find your game and training schedules in the dedicated features.